CLUB LIST 課外活動団体一覧



SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Japanese Archery Club 詳しくはこちら Train japanese traditional style archery TUE-FRI:17:40-20:10(WED,FRI:MEN/TUE,THU:WOMEN) SAT:10-12or13-15 Sophia University Sanadabori Ground 000031 Athletic Activities Alliance
Archery Club 詳しくはこちら Practice archery to win the league match and contribute to Sophia University weekday 9:00-19:00/Saturday 9:00-12:00 Sanadabori(Sophia ground) 000058 Athletic Activities Alliance
Sophia kyudo club 詳しくはこちら practice of Kyudo AM9~12,PM13~17,18~21:30 Fukagawa sports center,Koto ward hall 001246 Unorganized


SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Badminton Club Regardless of experienced, we try to improve of technique. Tuesday,Thursday,and Friday 15:25~19:15 Saturday 10:30~15:30 3rd Gymnasium, Yotsuya Campus, Sophia University 000055 Athletic Activities Alliance
MINT badminton club 詳しくはこちら traditional badminton club, badminton and communication 17:00~19:00,19:00~22:00 Nishiwaseda, Kouenji, Ogikubo 000172 Unorganized
Good On Anyone can play badminton freely, regardless of whether they are experienced or beginners. 1~2 per week, 6pm~8pm Kirin Lemon Sports Center 001328 Unorganized


SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Sophia University Baseball Club 詳しくはこちら Win the 3th division of the Tohto University Baseball League and promote to the 2rd division. Weekdays- 15:00~18:30 Saturdays and Sundays- 9:00~18:00 Weekdays- Sanadabori Ground Saturday and Sunday- Hadano Ground 000036 Athletic Activities Alliance
Semi-hard baseball club 詳しくはこちら We are working hard in our practices to promote ourselves to the higher leagues. Mon,Wed,Fri,Sat 12:00~15:00 Sanadabori Ground 000044 Athletic Activities Alliance
Ladies' Baseball Club 詳しくはこちら This is a women's baseball club. We participate in league matches (spring and autumn) and a national tournament (summer). Wednesday and Friday before classes and Saturday mornings Sanadabori baseball ground and baseball ground in Tokyo 000064 Athletic Activities Alliance
FireBirds make friends through baseball participate in a tounament 1~2 times in a week mainly Monday and Wednesday Sotobori Park, Sarueonshi Park, Shiba Park 000119 Hobby Club Alliance
Sophia University Rubber-ball Baseball Club 詳しくはこちら We are doing our best to win the league chanpionship. Weekday: a couple of days Sophia University Sanadabori Ground 001402 Unorganized
Infielders This is a club that enjoys watching baseball games. irregular baseball stadium 001430 Unorganized


SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Sophia Women’s Basketball Team 詳しくはこちら We practice five days a week, play in three official matches a year, and take part in the Jonan match. Tues: 18:15~21:00 Weds and Fri: 15:10~18:15 Sat/Sun: Irregular Sophia University Third Gymnasium 000051 Athletic Activities Alliance
Sophia mens basketball club 詳しくはこちら It is a club activity that focuses on winning and trains not only the technique but olso the heart. 5 days a week (about 3 hours) 3rd gymnasium 000052 Athletic Activities Alliance
APeS 詳しくはこちら Basketball practices, official games, and other events Every Friday 19:00~21:00 Ebara Hiratsuka Gakuen 000096 Hobby Club Alliance


SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Aikido Club Practice four days a week at the on-campus judo hall conduct demonstration performances. Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 18:00~21:00 and Saturday from 14:00~17:00 On-campus judo hall 000026 Athletic Activities Alliance
KARATEDOUBU Practicce of chitouryu-karate Tuesday・Thursday(18:30~20:30) Saturday(16:00~18:00) kendojo 000030 Athletic Activities Alliance
Sophia University Kendo Team 詳しくはこちら training, participation in various tournaments, tournament management. Mon, Wed, Fri: 17:30-19:30, Sat: 13:00-15:00 kendojo 000033 Athletic Activities Alliance
ShorinjiKempo club 詳しくはこちら We are working hard in our practices to convention and grading examination. Mon,Wed,Fri 15:30-18:00 Sat 16:00-19;00 Judo hall, First gymnasium 000041 Athletic Activities Alliance
Judo-club 詳しくはこちら We aim to learn judo ,win a competition of judo. 4 times for a week. Next to buliding 1 ,B1 000043 Athletic Activities Alliance
Sophia aiki-kai 詳しくはこちら We aim to understand and collaborate internationally through Aikido training. Tuesday,Thursday 15:25~, Saturday or Sunday 15:00~ Judo hall 000182 Unorganized
Eikenkai 詳しくはこちら Quiz game (The players listen to the questions, and the first one to press the button gets to answer the question. The quizzes usually ask trivias.) Every Tuesday and Thursday from 6.p.m to 9.p.m. Shohei doumukan 001140 Unorganized
Sophia kendo circle 詳しくはこちら We aim to have fun practicing kendo a few times a month. Once or twice a week for about 2 hours kendo hall at Sophia University, or district gym 001322 Unorganized
Taido club We practice taido for our mental and physical. Friday 5pm Martial arts field 001426 Unorganized


SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Sophia Cheering Squad 詳しくはこちら going to cheer up the activities of the athletic clubs and performing to the events of the universities After classes on Monday and Thursday, and in the morning on Saturday and Sunday, and in the lunch time weekdays clasrooms in the building NO.11 and Kioi building, and the gym in the university 000029 Athletic Activities Alliance
Sophia Cheerleaders Lollipoppers 詳しくはこちら participating in a tournament, Cheering for football, performance at events Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, 3.5 hours of activity Judo hall, kendo hall, gymnasium,and external facilities 000126 Hobby Club Alliance
JESTY We are an intercollegiate cheerleading circle. We are active once a week on basic weekdays, 19-22. Tokyo metropolitan area 001166 Unorganized
Lily 詳しくはこちら Cheerleading and baton twirling at events. Twice on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Mainly in Sophia University gymnasiums. 001321 Unorganized


SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Dance Sport Club Participation in competitions, daily practice, joint practice with other universities Twice weekly practice sessions building 11, Hoffmann hall 000032 Athletic Activities Alliance
Sophia Modern Dancers 詳しくはこちら We are a jazz dance circle dancing wide variety of dance genres. twice a week on weekdays:5-6 period, weekends:3 hours Hoffmann Hall, Classroom, Gym No.1 000084 Theatrical Activities Committee
GーSplash 詳しくはこちら street dance circle Mostly active from 7pm to 9pm. Dance studio in Tokyo 000178 Unorganized
dance crew EAGLE 詳しくはこちら dannce show peformance every Tuesday,Thursday 18:00~21:00, Saturday 17:00~20:00 Classrooms at Sophia University, studios in Tokyo, etc. 000561 Unorganized
SPH mellmuse 詳しくはこちら Perform copy dances of Japanese female idol groups Weekdays 18:00-21:00, Saturdays and Sundays 10:00-15:00, 3 or 4 times a week Hoffman Hall Conference Rooms 6 and 7, Building 11 Classrooms, Tokyo Studio 000794 Unorganized
Sophia Hula Team Hau'oli 詳しくはこちら ALOHA! We are the only hula team at Sophia University! three times a week(2 or 4 hours on weekdays afternoon and 4 hours on holidays) University, City hall in Chiyoda-ku, Studio in Tokyo 001006 Unorganized
Lupine KPOP cover dance Every Friday 17:30-21:00, Sunday 9:30-13:00 Yotsuya Campus First Gymnasium, Hoffman Small Meeting Room 001263 Unorganized
BlooMe 詳しくはこちら KPOP Copy Dance Club Fri18:00-21:00Sat10:00-16:00 Sophia University or Dance Studio around Yotsuya Sta. 001368 Unorganized
Dear:m 詳しくはこちら A dance society where you can dance loosely and happily 1-3 times per week(Tue,Wed,Thu,Sat) Classrooms in Bldg.11 001383 Unorganized


SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Sophia American Football Team 詳しくはこちら Play American Football. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Sanadabori Ground 000028 Athletic Activities Alliance
sophia soccer club 詳しくはこちら Activities aimed at becoming the "best Sophia in history" and promotion to the Kanto League Monday is off sotobori park sinsuna sports park 000039 Athletic Activities Alliance
FC.Eagle 詳しくはこちら We are the oldest soccer circle in Sophia University, and our motto is to have more fun than anyone else when playing soccer seriously! [Morning practice] Tuesday, Thursday 8:00-9:00 [Afternoon training] Sat 16:00-18:00 [Morning practice] Gymnasium [Afternoon training] Sotobori Park General Ground 000102 Hobby Club Alliance
Gokimaruzu F.C. 詳しくはこちら We play football at Sanadabori ground once a week. Friday every week from 4pm to 6pm Sanadabori Ground 000133 Unorganized
F.C.LEXUS Become friends by playing soccer Lunch time(12:30~) Sanadabori 000134 Unorganized
FC.ARMADOR 詳しくはこちら Playing football mixed gender unscheduled indefinetd 000950 Unorganized
NFL lovers society Watch NFL games and analyze them. Everyday, from 15:00-19:00 Hoffman hall B221 001062 Unorganized
F.C.CLAVELINA practicing futsal and participating in a futsal competition 18:00-19:00  Tatekawa Kasenshiki park,Shinjuku Central Park 001348 Unorganized
Sophia Penalty Kickers International exchange centered around penalty kicks and the creation of new sports competitions Once or twice a week, 2 hours each session. Within Sophia University and its vicinity. 001412 Unorganized


SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
sophia girls lacrosse team 詳しくはこちら We practice lacrosse to win in the Kanto Lacrosse League 3. Tue., Fri., Sat./7:00~ Wed./17:00~ Sun./8:00~ Sanadabori soccer and rugby field 000063 Athletic Activities Alliance
Men's Lacrosse 詳しくはこちら Playing lacrosse and creating sociability mon,tue.thu.sat.sun 7:00〜10:00 Sanadabori ground 000065 Athletic Activities Alliance


SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Sophia University swim team (Swimming/Water Polo) 詳しくはこちら Practice in the pool (in or out of Sophia), participate in official swim meets/ championships 9:15〜12:00, 15:00〜17:00 (practice separately) in Sophia: pool (gymnasium basement) out of Sophia: other universities, public pools) 000045 Athletic Activities Alliance
Sophia University swim team (Swimming/Water Polo) 詳しくはこちら Practice in the pool (in or out of Sophia), participate in official swim meets/ championships 9:15〜12:00, 15:00〜17:00 (practice separately) in Sophia: pool (gymnasium basement) out of Sophia: other universities, public pools) 000045 Athletic Activities Alliance
Sophia Swimming Club 詳しくはこちら We make our own practice menu about once a week and swim based on it. Saturdays, Sundays, afternoons and weekday evenings Pools in Tokyo (Public pools, etc.) 001405 Unorganized

Marine Sports

SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Sophia Scuba Club 詳しくはこちら Scuba diving once or twice/ month Izu, Okinawa(depends on the season) 000018 Unorganized
Sophia sailing club 詳しくはこちら Sailing training for spring and fall intercollegiate races. Every weekend, 8:00~17:00 Enoshima Island 000059 Athletic Activities Alliance
SOPHIA WINDSURFING TEAM 詳しくはこちら Windsurfing is a form of sailing, where board powered across the water by the wind. 99% of people start when they enter university Compulsory Sunday practices10:00~17:00/ Independent practice on any time any day. zaimokuza, kamakura-shi, kanagawa-ken,above the sea 000426 Athletic Activities Alliance
Sophia Surf Lifesaving Club 詳しくはこちら Preventing waterside accidents, and monitoring activities at beaches for safety. We have pool practice at least two times a week and go to the beach for training in the weekend. University pool/Hasaki/Kashima/Ohtake/Kamakura/Yokohama Sea Park/Enoshima 001291 Unorganized
Naminori Sophian 詳しくはこちら Surf using either one's own or the clubs surfboard and wetsuit. On the weekdays, we surf during first and second period. On the weekends, we surf all day. On the weekdays, we surf at Kanagawa Prefectural Shonan Coast Park. On the weekends, we surf in Chiba, Shizuoka, etc. 001345 Unorganized


SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Sophia University Motorsport Club Practice for the gymkhana competition every years and maintain our car Meeting to check the schedule per a week and practice for gymkhana and maintenance. Asamadai sport land, somewhere to practice gymkhana, Moriya in Ibaraki. 000042 Athletic Activities Alliance
Sophia Racing 詳しくはこちら We build electric formula cars for FSAE. At least you have to attend s weekly meeting. Machinehool B2F B206 000368 Unorganized

Other Ball Game

SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Ice Hockey Club 詳しくはこちら Our weekly activities are on ice practice twice a week and land training once a week. Tuesday, Friday/24:30~ Meiji Jingu Gaien Ice Arena/Dydo dorinko Ice Arena 000027 Athletic Activities Alliance
Sophia University Athletic Golf Team 詳しくはこちら Competitive Golf Men: Tuesday and Friday, 5th period; Women: Monday 4th/5th period Sophia University Sanadabori Ground 000037 Athletic Activities Alliance
Table Tennis Club 詳しくはこちら All members of the club are working hard to win the league. Mon-Wed-Thu 17:25-20:20, Sat 9:30-15:30 Second gym 000047 Athletic Activities Alliance
Handball club 詳しくはこちら We are practicing 3 times per week. Aiming to promote to second division. Monday and Wednesday 18:00-21:00 Saturday 8:30-11:30 Gymnasium3 000050 Athletic Activities Alliance
Sophia University Rugby Football club 詳しくはこちら Belongs to competition B. This year, we aim to achieve our goals under the slogan "BREAK." General practice 5 times a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Sanadabori Ground, Hadano Ground, and other external grounds. 000060 Athletic Activities Alliance
Sophia Fieldhockey 詳しくはこちら We are training hard to win in the Kanto University League Div.2! weekdays:7:00-10:00 weekend:11:00-14:00 weekdays: Sanadabori ground, gym. Weekend : Sanadabori ground, hockey fields in Tokyo and Saitama 000066 Athletic Activities Alliance
Sophia Racquetball Club 詳しくはこちら We practice “racquetball” once a week! Every Tuesday from 17:30 to 19:30 GOLD’S GYM Toyocho Super Center 000170 Unorganized
Sophia Squash Circle(SSC) 詳しくはこちら Interacting with each other through playing squash Monday,Tuesday,Sunday Several gyms in Tokyo 001314 Unorganized
Sophia TableTennis Circle Ping Pong 詳しくはこちら Table tennis after school at municipal gymnasiums. Weekdays 17:00-19:00 Ogikubo jym 001381 Unorganized

Other Sports

SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Sophia Fencing Club 詳しくはこちら Using swords to fight! We are open to all beginners. Tue/Fri 17:30~21:00 Sun 10:00~14:00 No.2 Gymnasium 000056 Athletic Activities Alliance
Boxing Club 詳しくはこちら We do mass boxing, sparring, mit hitting, etc. Mon.Wed.Fri. Voluntary practice 3:00~9:00p.m. Sat. Group practice 1:00~3:30p.m. The First Gymnasium 000057 Athletic Activities Alliance
sophia track and field track and field practice 9hours in a week toyko 000061 Athletic Activities Alliance
Sophia Walking Club Walk around Tokyo etc. Once or twice a month, in the afternoon. around Tokyo 000093 Hobby Club Alliance
Sophia flying disc club 詳しくはこちら We play ultimate. Weekday:12:30-15:00/Saturday:9:00-15:00 Weekday:Sanadabori ground/Saturday:Edogawa riverbed 000111 Athletic Activities Alliance
Sophia figure skating club 詳しくはこちら We are practicing to be able to do jumps and spins or having high scores at the competition. Once a month ~ six times a week (depends on each person) DyDo Drinco Ice Arena (Big Box Higashiyamato Skate Center, Meiji Jingu Gaien Ice Skating Rink) 000121 Athletic Activities Alliance
Sophia Flying Turkeys Work together to build an aircraft to compete in the annual Birdman Rally. After 4th period on weekdays. HH231 000187 Unorganized
Yoga Rati 詳しくはこちら Yoga 2 or 3 times/week classroom, park, or studio 001242 Unorganized
Sophia Esports Circle(SEC) 詳しくはこちら The purpose is to interact online through video games. You can play with whenever you want! Discord, online 001354 Unorganized
Sophia University Barbell Club 詳しくはこちら Fitness as a whole. We mainly work out at the gym. Every Friday from 8am training room 001378 Unorganized
Sophia Flying Disc Circle —Kyukyoku— 詳しくはこちら Having fun frisbee Weekends sometime weekdays Near University 001410 Unorganized
Sophia Lifting Club 詳しくはこちら For students who are interested in fitness, and for those students to share their knowledge Friday after 4th period (subject to change) school weightlifting room 001414 Unorganized


SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Tankenbu Outdoor activities, mainly mountain climbing and rafting Outdoor activities every weekend, regular meetings every Tuesday Mountains, rivers, streams, caves, etc. 000019 Cultural/Academic Alliance
Wandervogel Club 詳しくはこちら mainly hiking and trekking, but other outdoor activities as well weekdays, weekends, vacations mountains, outdoors, classrooms, etc. 000062 Athletic Activities Alliance
Sophia Adventure Club (SAC) 詳しくはこちら Variety of outdoor activities like climbing and BBQ. 2~3 times per month, weekday night, Saturday or Sunday. Club room and out of the campus. 001167 Unorganized


SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Sophia Ski & Snowboard Team 詳しくはこちら Basic training from spring to autumn, training on snow in winter Wednesday 5th period, Friday 5th period, Sunday morning Yoyogi park, training room 000046 Athletic Activities Alliance
ASPEN SKI CLUB 詳しくはこちら We hold some ski camps and to take the SAJ’s ski certification test to improve demo skiing techniques. We also participate in the student ski competition. The training schedule changes monthly. Minami Motomachi Park/ In front of Meiji Memorial Picture Gallay 000091 Theatrical Activities Committee


SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Sophia Girls Tennis Team 詳しくはこちら Currently, the team consists of 4 third-year students (1 studying abroad) and 5 first-year students. We practice twice on the weekdays and once or twice on the weekends. Sanadanobori tennis court 000034 Athletic Activities Alliance
Sophia Boy's Tennis Team 詳しくはこちら League Promotion, Practicing for Individual Matches Practices on Tues, Weds, Thurs, Sat, and Sun. Snadabori Ground Tennis Court 000035 Athletic Activities Alliance
Soft Tennis Club (women) 詳しくはこちら We practice soft tennis for official match for once a week. Every saturday, AM9:00~PM13:00 真田堀バレーコート 000048 Athletic Activities Alliance
Soft tennis club(men) 詳しくはこちら Practice for promotion to the Kanto League Weekdays self practice, Sturdays 9:00-16:00 Sanadabori valleyball court 000049 Athletic Activities Alliance
ADVANTAGE T.T. 詳しくはこちら We, Advantage TT, is a tennis circle. We usually practice tennis about 3 times per week. And we have many events like going Disney, doing party and so on. Sotobori Park Tennis Court 000143 Unorganized
Sophia Lawn Tennis Association 詳しくはこちら We deepen our fellowship through activities based on tennis with our members. We practice tennis 5 days a week, reserving a court everyday. Yotsuya, Kinshicho, Kameido, Koiwa, Ooi 000148 Unorganized
Smash Tennis Team 詳しくはこちら weekly tennis activities and events about twice a month Morning training: 8-10 am, Night training: 19-21 pm Morning training: Sotobori Park, Night training: Sarue Park 000151 Unorganized
BalleBlancheT.T. 詳しくはこちら We practice about twice a week We practice from 5pm~7pm or 7pm~9pm Sarueonnsikouenn-park (Kinnsicyou stasion) 000159 Unorganized
ONCENOAH We are OnceNoah,an offcial tennis circle of sophia University. Weekend:14:00~18:00 Tennis courts in Tokyo (mainly kita and koto areas) 001188 Unorganized
DOUBLE FAULT 詳しくはこちら Interaction among students through soft tennis Weekdays: from 5pm to 7pm or from 7pm to 9pm Sarue Onshi Park(Kinshicho)・Kameido Park (Kameido) 001324 Unorganized


SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Women's Volleyball Team 詳しくはこちら We practice volleyball about four times a week in preparation for official matches Monday/Thursday:15:30〜18:15, Wednesday:18:15〜21:00, and Saturday:11:30〜14:30 Gymnasium 3 000053 Athletic Activities Alliance
mens vollyball club 詳しくはこちら We are practicing to the most in order to win at matches. 4 days per week (approximately 3 hours per day) Gymnasium 3 000054 Athletic Activities Alliance
Volleyball Circle 詳しくはこちら Practice, competition participation, event holding, etc Every Wednesday and Friday from 18:30-21:00 Gymnasium 000175 Unorganized



SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Art club 詳しくはこちら We draw a picture together & sometimes have some exhibition. we hold drawing session 3 times a week. Hoffman holl 3F, atrier (342) 000022 Cultural/Academic Alliance
Sophia SDPing Club 詳しくはこちら Drawing picture and publishing a crub magagine. fifth period on Tuesday and Thursdays lunchtime crassroom designated at the group chat. 001329 Unorganized
Sophia Illustration Clab Make books of illustrations and sell them by joining some Anime/Manga fan events 17:30~19:00(face-to-face), or 21:00~23:00(Discord),Thursday In a classroom at the University or Discord server 001396 Unorganized


SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Catholic Student Association 詳しくはこちら Catholic pray and sharing its faith Wed and Fri: 12:45~13:15, Wed: 17:20~20:00 Kulturheim Chapel, St.Ignatius Church Kibe Hall 000205 Unorganized
Sophia Chirstian Community 詳しくはこちら Bible Study, Worship Event, Camping You can find out when we have activities from our posts. mainly the club room 000512 Unorganized

Cooking・Food Culture

SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Lacook 詳しくはこちら cooking session Wed/18~21 Sport center, Chiyoda-ku 000889 Unorganized
Sophia Parfait Club 詳しくはこちら Make and eat parfaits, and go on parfait tours. 3 or 4 times a month. Classrooms on the Yotsuya Campus of Sophia University 001409 Unorganized
Sophia Spice Lab researching spices, creating spices, touring curry shops… 90 minitutes a week classrooms, etc 001437 Unorganized


SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Sophia Magic Culb 詳しくはこちら Magic practice and performance Wednesday 17:20~21:00 Classroom at Yotsuya Campus 000424 Unorganized
Sophia Comedy Society 詳しくはこちら showing performance,meeting Tuesday,Thursday 12:40~13:20 club room, classroom on-campus 000490 Unorganized
Sophia Quiz Revival(SQR) 詳しくはこちら Two times a week (once in the weekdays and once in the weekends) In classrooms, assembly hall, or online. 001163 Unorganized


SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Q‘s 詳しくはこちら Billiards 18:00-20:00 Sannsui billiards 000684 Unorganized
Sophia Chess Circle(SCC) 詳しくはこちら Chess lovers gather to play and enjoy chess. 15:30 - 17:00 B206 in Hoffman Hall 000765 Unorganized
Sophia Game&Anime FJC 詳しくはこちら To deepen the bonds between many kinds of students Lunch break on weekdays, holidays B213 in Hoffmann Hall 000892 Unorganized
SophiaGameLab(SGL) 詳しくはこちら Game development in teams and individually Every Monday from 17:30 to 19:00 (excluding holidays) Sophia University and its surrounding areas 001372 Unorganized
Sophia Werewolf Game Circle 詳しくはこちら We play Werewolf game (also known as Mafia game) in person and online. Several times a month, on an irregular basis. We hold face-to-face sessions on campus and online sessions on Zoom. 001417 Unorganized
Sophia Darts Circle (SDC) Enjoy darts from two aspects: play and competition. Activity dates are irregular.(Once or twice a week) Three hours from 5 p.m or 6 p.m. DARTS STADIUM Ikebukuro 001427 Unorganized

Japanese Culture

SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
tea ceremony club 詳しくはこちら We learn Japanese culture through tea ceremony. 17:20~20:00 Hoffman Hall Japanese style room 000012 Cultural/Academic Alliance
Sophia Shogi Club 詳しくはこちら Play Shogi matches within the club, watch professional games, and conduct research. Once a week on Saturday from 5pm to 7pm online 000590 Unorganized
Calligraphy Club 詳しくはこちら Production and exhibition of calligraphy-related works During Japanese-style room opening hours every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday Hoffman Hall Japanese-style room 000792 Cultural/Academic Alliance
wagokoro We practice putting on a Kimono Saturday morning or afternoon Japanese-style room in Hoffman Hall 001083 Unorganized
Sophia University Tea ceremony club 詳しくはこちら We learn the manners and sprits of Japanese tea ceremony and enjoy Japanese traditional tea and sweets. Monday/15:30-19:00 Hoffman hall (Washitu) 001343 Unorganized


SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Sophia Movie Club 詳しくはこちら We watch and shoot films. Weekday daytime and weekend Classrooms, outdoors, movie theaters, studios, restaurants, etc. 000004 Cultural/Academic Alliance
Sophia Broadcasting Circle 詳しくはこちら We focus on announcements and video production. Meetings and courses are held during the lunch break and in 5th and 6th periods. Other sessions are held irregularly. Borrowed classroom, announcement room, etc. 000023 Cultural/Academic Alliance
sophiatimes 詳しくはこちら our club produce student newspaper irregular 1-first basement 000128 others
wel-bee 詳しくはこちら We share about the importance of social services,publishing free magazine and running a website. Wednesday lunch break +irregular meeting Yotsuya campas and around Tokyo 000857 Unorganized
Voice Project of Sophia students 詳しくはこちら A project to spread useful information about Sophia Once a month, lunch break or after school Use zoom or meet in the cafeteria 001406 Unorganized


SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Sophia Photography Club 詳しくはこちら Through photo sessions and camps, the participants will be able to interact with people who love photography. Photo sessions, subcommittees, and workshops will be held twice a month each. Photography sessions will be held at various locations in Tokyo, and section meetings and workshops will be held on campus. 000015 Cultural/Academic Alliance

Sub Culture

SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Sophia Comic Society 詳しくはこちら Interaction through manga and other subcultures. Creation of club magazines. 2 times a week on Wendsday and Friday Classroom 000124 Hobby Club Alliance
SOS Brigade@Sophia Gather in the class room and socialize with other members. During lunch break, 12:35 a.m. to 01:15 p.m. on week days. Classrooms in Building 11. 000878 Unorganized
Sophia Disney Fans 詳しくはこちら Disney fans go TDR and enjoy Disney content irregular / once or twice in a month Tokyo Disney Resort or around university 001085 Unorganized
Sophia VTuber lab 詳しくはこちら Production and management of VTubers and interaction among members 3-5 hours of activity per week. Activities will take place mainly on Discord and in rented classrooms. 001306 Unorganized
Sophia Traffic Club 詳しくはこちら Discuss on trains with other members Weekly meeting on weekdays and daytrip on weekends. Online and Classroom 001312 Unorganized
VOCALOCONNECT 詳しくはこちら Research Vocaloid culture and enjoy it to the fullest. 17:20~19:00 Once a week classroom,club room 001327 Unorganized

Other Cultural Activities

SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Yotsuya literary society 詳しくはこちら A reading and creation club. Basically, from 19:00 to 21:00. In Yotuya campus of Sophia University. 001266 Unorganized
Sohia University Poetry Club 詳しくはこちら We create, present and appreciate poetry and tanka poems. We are a poetry and tanka circle!Activities are held 2 or 3 times a month. Sophia University classrooms are the our main focus. 001344 Unorganized
Abnormal literature club 詳しくはこちら Researching on "abnormal literature, writing the circle booklet Lunchtime, Afterschool Hoffmann Hall, Kioi or 1st class room 001362 Unorganized
Takarazuka Revue club We held seasonal events, wrote letters, and produced merchandise to promote interaction between members. every 4th Saturday of the month Sophia university 001367 Unorganized
Bedrock bath circle "sunrise" 詳しくはこちら Membership free! The only bedrock bath circle in the sophia university. weekdey 17:00-22:00 (Irregular day of the week) Bedrock bath facilities around Tokyo 001393 Unorganized
Sophia Handicraft Club 詳しくはこちら We make any kind of items. Sawing, knitting, making accessaries, etc. We consider the members' timetable and adjust our schedule of activities. We work together twice a month. We do club activities in vacant classroom in Sophia University. 001400 Unorganized


Event Planning for Major Events and Festivals

SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Sophia Xpress 詳しくはこちら Sophia Xpress is the official student body circle for the Faculty of Liberal Arts. Every Monday 12:45-13:30 Building 11 Room 726 000310 Unorganized
Executive committee of Sophia festival 詳しくはこちら Planning and management of the Soohia Festival, which is usually held in early November every year. The meeting on Friday during the fifth period, as well as any necessary tasks for individuals, are to be carried out. nothing 000620 others
JOHNAN THE CLASSIC Executive Committee 詳しくはこちら Operation of JOHNAN THE CLASSIC irregular undecided 000756 others
nexnect 詳しくはこちら We are a group that focuses on planning, organizing, and hosting Yukata Day, Autumn Freshman Week, and an annually held Christmas event. We meet once a week, and alternate our meeting days between Tuesday during fifth period, and Thursdays during lunch. We meet in either Building 1 or Building 11, and will contact you with the meeting place as necessary. 000906 Unorganized
TEDxSophia U 詳しくはこちら We organize a TEDx talk event at Sophia University. in-person: lunch time/ 5th period zoom: 9:00pm~ classrooms at Sophia University (Bldg 1 or 11)/ online meeting 001317 Unorganized


Students Representatives

SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Sophia Univ Athletic Association 詳しくはこちら Management of athletics clubs No specific time Hoffman Hall 000025 Athletic Activities Alliance
Sophia Music Council Headquarters 詳しくはこちら We manage the concerts held three times a year. General club members:on the day of the event Building 11 classroom 000067 Music Activities Committee
Theater Association Headquarters Supervision of organizations affiliated with the Theater Association Weekdays 17:20~21:00 Theater Association Headquaters room 000079 Theatrical Activities Committee


International Language

SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Sophia Engilish Speaking Society 詳しくはこちら Communicationing by using English optional twice a week 17:00-19:00 optional classes in Sophia 000005 Cultural/Academic Alliance
The Assosiation of students, graduates and professors of the Department of Hispania We hold a lot of events for students of the Department of Hispanic Studies. irregularly Bldg.2 Room 815b 000282 Unorganized
Sophia University French Club 詳しくはこちら Learn about French culture and customs through events. Once a month Around Yotsuya,Outside University 001082 Unorganized
Sophia Esperanto Club 詳しくはこちら Have sessions of learning Esperanto At lunch break of weekdays Conference room of the department of German studies 001397 Unorganized
El Puente 詳しくはこちら We organize and manage events for Spanish-speaking international and Japanese students to interact with each other. Every Tuesday (Lunch Break) Classroom 001422 Unorganized
Russian language depertment circle "Daroga" Russian language workshop, Sophia festival, going concerts and theatre performances, Dinner or lunch in the restautrant 2 to 3 times a month, days and times:event basis Class room in the Sophia University and meeting room in library etc. 001423 Unorganized
Tandem Circle 詳しくはこちら Language exchange, Culture exchange Random On-Campus 001436 Unorganized

International Communication

SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
SISEC We hold events to make opportunities for excahnge students and Japanese students to make friends. Saturday or Sunday 6:00~9:00PM Depends on the event 000100 Hobby Club Alliance
SCSSA 詳しくはこちら Introduction to traditional Chinese culture About 1 time a month, three to five times a week before the event Classroom in Sophia University 000344 Unorganized
Sophia University Korean Association 詳しくはこちら Providing general support, including assistance with job hunting, school advice, etc., for Korean international students. depends on activities depends on activities 000425 Unorganized
Deutscher Ring 詳しくはこちら Meet with German-speaking students and learn about German culture and language Irregular outside and inside the Campus 000669 Unorganized
Lingwave 詳しくはこちら Language and Culture Exchange Weekday lunch time ,weekends At campas and out 001053 Unorganized
Sophia Nihongo Circle 詳しくはこちら Weekly Japanese language exchange with international students. From 05:30 pm to 05:30 pm on every Friday A classroom on the campus 001420 Unorganized
Sophia Pacific 詳しくはこちら We offer supportive community for students from and those intersted in Pacific Islands and aim to raise awareness of our islands through hosting events. Undecided (details provided before each event) Inside and outside campus (varies with event) 001434 Unorganized


Instrumental Music

SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
American Music Association 詳しくはこちら We are a band circle that covers our favorite artists and bands and performs at live houses once a month or two. Not specified. Practice rooms our available after 1 p.m. Building11 FloorB2, practice room 6,7 and 10C 000003 Cultural/Academic Alliance
Jazz session club in Sophia university We have a jazz session once a week. Every Wednesday or Friday, 17:20~20:00 Building 11, B2 , Room 9c 000016 Cultural/Academic Alliance
Brazilian Music Club 詳しくはこちら Brazilian Music Club is a club that plays Brazilian music! Brazilian music isn't just flashy like Rio's Samba Carnaval ! There is also MPB, Brazilian pop music, and rhythmic bossa nova. Wednesday/17:30~20:30 and Saturday/13:30~17:30 music practice room in the B2 floor of the building No.11 000020 Cultural/Academic Alliance
Sophia Philharmonic Orchestra 詳しくはこちら It's the only orchestra group on campus. We practice for the regular concerts, the Sophia Festival, and the Music Festival. We practice every Wednesday from 5 p.m. and Saturday from 1 p.m. Building 11,B2F, 2nd Music Practice Room 000068 Music Activities Committee
Sophia Guitar Ensemble 詳しくはこちら Peformed in 5 parts. Participation and sponsorship of concerts. Wednesday 5th period & 6th period, Saturday 3rd period & 4th period Building No.11 or No.14 000069 Music Activities Committee
Sophia Concert Band 詳しくはこちら Student-led brass band activities from management to music instruction Wednesdays17:30~20:30,Saturdays13:00~18:00,Sundays13:00~18:00(Only June, November) Bldg.No.11 No.4Music Practice Room 000072 Music Activities Committee
Sophia Marching Band 詳しくはこちら It is a brass band circle that plays a wide range of genres. Wednesday(17:00-21:00), Saturday(16:00-20:00) Building No. 11, B2F, Practice Room 3 000073 Music Activities Committee
Soukyoku club 詳しくはこちら We play Japanese traditional musical instruments ! On Mondays and Thursdays, 5:20 p.m. to 8:10 p.m. Building 11, 3rd floor 000074 Music Activities Committee
New Swing Jazz Orchestra (NSO) 詳しくはこちら Playing in concerts and regular practice for them 3 hours of practice on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. First music practice room and classrooms in Bulding 11 000076 Music Activities Committee
Sophia Folksong Lovers 詳しくはこちら We are band club. We enjoy various music with various people. We perform live monthly. There is no duty of practice. Sophia university underground practice room of Building 11, club room, live house. 000077 Music Activities Committee
Sophia piano society We plans and manages regular concerts and the Sofia Festival three times a year. Meet once a week for 30 minutes during your lunch break 11-704 000252 Unorganized
Sophia Chamber Orchestra 詳しくはこちら We play a variety of instruments and play a variety of songs. Free participation 1-2 times a week after school on weekdays. Bldg. 11 Classroom 000506 Music Activities Committee
Sophia Handbell Choir 詳しくはこちら We play an instrument called handbells and usually practice for the Sophia Festival and other off-campus events. 5:30-9:00 pm Bldg.No.11 or Hoffmann hall 001109 Unorganized
Acoustic Studio 詳しくはこちら Singing with an instrument such as acoustic guitar After school, from Monday to Friday In the classroom 001232 Unorganized


SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Sophia University Glee Club 詳しくはこちら male chorus club Tuesdays and Thursdays Building 11 000070 Music Activities Committee
The Philharmonic Chorus Amadeus Chor 詳しくはこちら We have practice three times a week, towards the concert twice a year, Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 5:20pm to 8:20pm Sophia University Building 11 000071 Music Activities Committee
Sophia Choir 詳しくはこちら Sophia Choir is an official catholic choir of the university. We serve for official mass and perform at events on/off campus. Daily practiceWeekday (0:45 - 1:15  p.m.)Mon. Thu.(5:30 - 8:00 p.m.) Weekday at 11-311Mon. Thu. at 1-407,408 000078 Unorganized
L'arbre de harmonie Our circle has a general meeting once in a week. And we have a huge cappella live in twice a year. 5th and 6th period every Wednesday, practice at any time for each band On-campus classroom, Hoffmann Hall shared conference room 000702 Unorganized
SAfroOBOG 詳しくはこちら SAfro graduates will once again perform gospel songs at sophia festival. Tuesday, Thurthday, Friday, Sunday, about 3 times a week In the classroom 001086 Unorganized


Drama Performance

SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Engeki kennkyuukai 詳しくはこちら We play theater performances and make the stages. after school 17~21 weekend 13~18. Auditrium of the first building. 000080 Theatrical Activities Committee
Sophia Little Square Theatre Company 詳しくはこちら We put on theatre performances in the auditorium of Building 1 and the classrooms about six times a year. Weekday:pm5-9, Saturday:am9-pm8, Sunday:am9-pm7 Building No.1 auditorium,Bldg 11 Classrooms,Theater Atelier 000081 Theatrical Activities Committee
Theater company Euphoria! Theater lighting staff Irregular (works intensively when there is a performance) Auditorium of Building 1 or the club room 000082 Theatrical Activities Committee
Theatre Company Kanransha 詳しくはこちら We create stages and plays performed in Japanese. Irregularly(Basically after school) Auditorium (Theatre) in 1st building , classrooms in 11th building 000083 Theatrical Activities Committee
Russian Theatrical Company ТЕАТРАЛ 詳しくはこちら We perform Russian plays in Russian. Mon.(15:25-17:05)/ Fri.(17:20-18:00) 2-711/Building 1 000723 Unorganized


SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Masquerade 詳しくはこちら Musical performance, and practice Wednesday, Sunday (and some additional practice) Sophia University or public facilities in Tokyo City area 000580 Unorganized



SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
AIESEC Sophia 詳しくはこちら We plan and operate projects for cross-cultural understanding. About one to three times a week On-campus classroom and Zoom 000010 Cultural/Academic Alliance
Sophia university Sign language club Tenohira We learn sign language in lunch time. 2 or 3 times in a week in lunch time Sophia University building 1, 11, etc. 000106 Hobby Club Alliance
"Mrguko" -Action for the self-Reliance of Children in Asia- 詳しくはこちら We raise money to support children mainly through donation. Meeting: 17:30~18:30, Street fundraising: 10:00~17:30, Other events: All day. Sophia University 000125 Hobby Club Alliance
Summer Teaching Program(STP) 詳しくはこちら Teaching English for elemantary or junior high schools students in summer vacation Every 5 period on Tuesday Cambodia, Hukuoka, Morioka, Ashikaga, Shimonoseki, Onoda, Murorann 000227 Unorganized
TFT Sophia 詳しくはこちら Volunteer group with donating part of the sales of healthy meals selling at school cafeteria and some events Lunch time, twice a week Classroom at Building 1 000812 Unorganized
Sophia Rovers 詳しくはこちら We make plans and do outdoor activities and volunteer as Boy Scouts. meetings per two weeks, and one or two activities per month depending on the meetings meetings: Sophia univ activities: depending on plans 000828 Unorganized
volunteer group for siblings of children with disability "Ren" 詳しくはこちら planning and management of events for "siblingsof children with disability" every Saturday 15:00-18:00[2~3 times a month] sophia university 000874 Unorganized
MLT project for children 詳しくはこちら Support for single parents and students in Chiyoda city 17:30~20:30 Misaki Town Fureai Salon 001217 Unorganized
NGO HaLuz 詳しくはこちら We provide cultural exchange and educational support on the theme of Timor-Leste. 3 to 4 times a month Sophia university campus or Online 001219 Unorganized
ASANTE PROJECT 詳しくはこちら In the club, we support education of Tanzanian children. Also, we tell the attractive points of Africa. Once a week(Wed or Thu) at 12:40-13:20 Classroooms in Building 11 or Building 1 001233 Unorganized
Sophia Refugee Support Group 詳しくはこちら Our support initiatives are to realize our vision of a Japanese society that is more open, multicultural, and welcoming regardless of one’s nationality, ethnicity, race, religion, and gender. Every Thursday 12:50~13:20 Building 10 room 301 001270 Unorganized
BOND SOPHIA We are working to Support foreigners cannot have residential status including refugees Once a week, 2hours Common space, classroom 001296 Unorganized
teraco 詳しくはこちら This is the club which aims to support study mainly of elementerly and junior high school students. In 5th class per twice a month and 20:30-21:30 every Sundays classrooms at Sophia university, Chiyoda Ward Social Welfare Council and home 001310 Unorganized
Southeast Asian Society in Sophia (SEAS Sophia) 詳しくはこちら We are a student-led circle that empowers Southeast Asian cultures. Monthly lunch on-campus, monthly cultural events Classrooms (on basis of reservation), sometimes off-campus 001326 Unorganized
Sircle 詳しくはこちら Volunteer activities for social and community contribution utilizing the power of soccer Weekly meetings : Once a Week Sophia Univ./Online 001332 Unorganized
Sophia Olympics and Paralympics Students Project "Go Beyond" 詳しくはこちら Holding para-sports experience meaning for the purpose of understanding diversity. Holding meeting once a week and events on weekend Sophia University and outside the university 001359 Unorganized
Givers 詳しくはこちら Volunteering for kids, animals and the environment Abobut twice a month on weekend Varies from event to event 001374 Unorganized
Tierheim Helping with care and cleaning in dog shelters twice in a month for two hours A dog shelter at akabane station 001388 Unorganized
Sophia Japanese Volunteer 詳しくはこちら To teach Japanese to international students Optional Optional 001411 Unorganized
Sophia Emergency Interpreter Corps 詳しくはこちら Disaster interpreter volunteering, training, and disaster related research Tuesday Lunch (In-person, alternating weeks) and online Classrooms and online 001431 Unorganized
FEEFA (Free English Education For All) Student Organisation We are a volunteering organisation aimed at providing accessible and free English learning to children with less-privileged backgrounds by engaging in global learning and conversation English acquisition. Weekly meetings on Mondays to organise our activities/whenever public after-school care facilities will accommodate our initiative. Online meetings/after-school care facilities 001433 Unorganized
Animal protection circle NyanWan 詳しくはこちら We work to spread information about the current situation of the pet industry. Once in two weeks At Sophia campus or out of Sophia 001435 Unorganized



SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Sophia Sustainable Coffee Movement 詳しくはこちら We study Coffee. We love Coffee. 5th period on Tuesdays Kioi Building 104 000837 Unorganized
KASA Sustainability (KASA) 詳しくはこちら We explore the interconnected nature of socio-ecological relations and engage in a wide range of initiatives from campus farming and composting to organizing workshops and forums. Twice a week Yotsuya campus & online (depends on the activity) 001186 Unorganized
Green Sophia 詳しくはこちら Instagram management, beach clean, etc. 2~3/month in campas, depends on events 001313 Unorganized
purari 詳しくはこちら Collect secondhand clotheses and give them out, and open peple's eyes to save electricity. 20:00-22:00 every Thursday Online (zoom) 001333 Unorganized
Student group NAMIMATI(Sophia University) 詳しくはこちら Doing volunteerwork more fashonablly Once a week, 3 hours Yuigahama bay and Zusi bay. 001351 Unorganized
Sophia Vegan Society 詳しくはこちら We host events and meetups related to veganism! More than once a month! Mainly in Tokyo 001364 Unorganized
carutena 詳しくはこちら upcycle of used clothes to solve the problem of mass disposal of clothes having online meetings two or three times a month basicaly work online 001418 Unorganized
Harmony of Your Lifestyle with Sustainability (HYLS) 詳しくはこちら Enlighten sustainable fashion through social media and web sites. Every Friday,lunch time 9 building cafetria 001425 Unorganized


Academic Study, Others

SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Sophia jurist club 詳しくはこちら We support law students and provide a forum for interaction among our members. None in particular None in particular 000110 Hobby Club Alliance
Model United Nations Yotsuya Branch Simulate each conference held at the United Nations as an ambassador Thursday 18:00-20:00 Building 11 / National institution For Youth Education 000231 Unorganized
Touzaibunka study club Research in SDGs and contemporary social issues 19:00 to 20:00 in Every Wednesday Online(Zoom)  000236 Unorganized
Sophia Debating Society Practicing Parliamentary Debate and joinning some competitions Twice in a week (17:30-19:00) Kioi building 000565 Unorganized
Sophia Astronomical Observation Club 詳しくはこちら Learn about the moon, stars, constellations, etc., and observe each season. Friday 19:00~21:00, Saturday or Sunday Sophia University classrooms, etc. 000869 Unorganized
Sophia Teaching Society(STS) Essay writing courses, interview practice, etc. to prepare for teacher employment exams indeterminate online, an empty classroom 001173 Unorganized
Verdure Law Circle studying hours for Chinese students who in Law department in Sophia. purpose on supporting the Chinese students who belong to the Law department in Sophia to get used to the leaning process of study of Law. In the middle of one semester, at the end of one semester online 001222 Unorganized
Sohia electronics lab 詳しくはこちら electronic work and programming Irregular hoffman hall 001258 Unorganized
Study Group of Peacebuilding and International Cooperation 詳しくはこちら Study group on peacebuilding and international cooperation with Professor Higashi Last Monday of every month from 7:10pm Classroom at Sophia University 001284 Unorganized
Unbiased Programming 詳しくはこちら It's a circle where you can learn programming in a fun and continuous way. All are welcome regardless of humanities or science! We will hold a lecture for about 2 hours from the start time of the 5th period. Basically, we will work within Sophia University. 001311 Unorganized
Amici Historiae a reading group using books on historiography Every Friday from 17:20 to 20:00 Bldg.No.1,etc. 001334 Unorganized
Sophia Data Tech (SDT) 詳しくはこちら Learning about data analysis and developing some IT tools. Once a week for 2 hours (day of the week changes each semester) a classroom at Sophia University 001353 Unorganized
University Innovation Fellows Sophia 詳しくはこちら Organization composed of participants of University Innovation Fellows, a design thinking program offered by Stanford University's 2~3 days per week, mostly at night Conducted mainly online 001357 Unorganized
sophia debate sociaty 詳しくはこちら Academic activities such as debates and speeches Twice a week. Completely free participation Sophia University Yotsuya Campus 001366 Unorganized
Sophia Social Science Club 詳しくはこちら We are holding a study session on social science. Several times a week Sophia University Yotsuya Campus or online 001403 Unorganized
Yotsubun 詳しくはこちら We read modern literature together once a month. 2nd Sunday of every month Sophia University library, Learning Commons 001424 Unorganized
PRSAS 詳しくはこちら Interact and collaborate with each other on all aspects of public relations and advertising Every Thursday 7pm-9pm, First Sunday 12pm-2pm online or campus 001428 Unorganized
Sophia dialogue café Discuss all questions and have a philosophical dialogue activities twice a week Classrooms at Sophia University 001429 Unorganized
Sophia Science Assosiation Communicate through topics in science and engineering subjects. Irregular In Sophia University (classlooms, etc.) 001432 Unorganized
Process Mining Club 詳しくはこちら Learning process mining and organizing events to spread knowledge about it Irregular (depends on the project you will be in) in school, online 001438 Unorganized

Business Study & Career Development Support

SNS/HP activity date place club No. belong
Sophia Vocational Opportunity 詳しくはこちら This club provides opportunities for vocational training and a place to interact with working adults. 9:00-17:00 on weekdays Office near Shinjuku-Gyoemmae Station 001190 Unorganized
Student organization GEIL 詳しくはこちら Run a policy-making contest. Fri 6:30p.m. ~ 9:00p.m. Sophia Univ. or Olympics Center 001267 Unorganized
en-couragejochichishibu 詳しくはこちら Promote interviews and corporate events to Sophia job hunters Approximately 15 hours a week for interviewing job hunters and managing the organization Online or company office 001342 Unorganized