[11/29 Zoom Student-Organized Event]
Sophia × Partner Universities Student Exchange, ‘Discussy over Banksy’

Earlier this year, Center for Global Education and Discovery have called for applications from Sophia students for organizing and hosting of student lead event. The event below is the second event of the series!
In this student-organized event, participants are going to discuss over Banksy together. Please click the link below for more information! We look forward to receiving your registration.

Eligibility:Current students of Sophia Univ. and Partner Universities
*Up to 30 students (first come first served)

Date & Time:Monday, November 29th, 2021 12:30-13:30 (JST)


Participation Fee:Free ※Pre-registration required

Format: Join us on Zoom. Zoom ID will be provided by e-mail after signing up.

Registration: Please fill in the form from the link below.
(Deadline: November 26, 2021)

Things to prepare: a pen and paper, (if you don’t have an account on Discord*, do create your account if you don’t mind!)

Sophia University
Center for Global Education and Discovery
Email: coil-co (at)